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Month: March 2020

An SEO Guide To Renting Websites

Rankandrent.club is one of the most innovative, creative, and lucrative online revenue streams to come around in recent years. It gives its members the ability to take domain names and turn them into some serious profit. They accomplish this by buying domain names for industries gaining some online traction. Building a website on the domain, getting some high rankings in Google search page (preferably top 3), and flipping that website for some serious cash to the right buyer.

Rankandrent.club describes this rank and rent SEO strategy for online earning, as similar to the real estate industry. By buying yourself a domain and building it into a profitable asset, you can rent it out to your target client, giving him the advantage of getting some new traffic to his business, and giving you the convenience of some serious cash.

How it works

Unlike your typical ‘get rich scheme’ that offers millions of bucks for doing absolutely nothing, which usually turns out to be a complete waste of time, effort, and brain function. Renting out websites requires a little bit of an investment to purchase your domain and host your site. A little bit of your time making the website accessible and learning rank and rent SEO.

The perfect Domain namedomain name
By choosing a domain name that is both industry-relevant and professional, you can give it that extra value when renting it out to your future client.
.com and .org domain names are the most valuable, but you can choose plenty of alternatives that still look and sound great.
Choosing the perfect domain can sometimes be a challenge, head over to Rankandrent.club to see their best strategy for picking a domain name that can add value to the website.

hosting a rank and rent siteHosting
Hosting your new websites will be the next step. With a vast number of hosting services out there with different capabilities to suit all types of website, choosing a hosting provider will be one you may have to think long and hard about, Rankandrent.club offers a definitive guide on this,
Hosting will be a vital step. And many website hosting services also offer website building services as an addon, which brings us to our next step.

Building the perfect websitebuild a rank and rent site
Once you have the ideal domain and a great hosting provider, you can get started crafting the perfect site to suit your potential clients’ every need. At this stage of the process, you must understand the industry you are trying to sell to, market research, and a good basic knowledge of the business is an essential tool. If you are unsure of which sector is the perfect one for you, head over to rentandrank.club to see the list of potential entry points to rank and rent SEO.